Peachy Cranberry Mint ice and popsicles

Today I’ve decided to experiment with making ices and popsicles.  The experiment is using my homemade peach jam, frozen organic cranberries and fresh mint from the garden.

Recipe as follows

1- 1/2 pint of homemade peach jam

1 very large handfull cranberries

1 large mint leave bruised (I’m not real big on a lot of mint)

3 cups water (there abouts)

1/4 cup sugar


In large bowl add water and cranberries, let soak a few moments to thaw then mash. 

To this add her or jam and mint leaf and stir well to distribute fruits and juices.

Cover and chill in fridge to let flavors mingle about an hour or two. You could also simmer this on stove for a few minutes and let steep.  I don’t have a stove right at the moment so I chilled it.

Transfer to popsicle container and or freeze in freezer safe bowl.

For the popcycles let set until frozen. For the ice stir every so often until mixture is icy.

This is a wonderfully easy and refreshing combination for the kids and adults alike.



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