Taming Of The Grapes

Grapes are beautiful and nutritious. They also grow wild all over around  this part of the state. On our property we inherited multiple grape vines that have climbed high into the tree tops. I am sure they are something the previous owners had planted long ago.

The first year here I was crazy enough to drive our old Farmall tractor out to one of the trees where the grapes hung down far enough that by standing on the hood of the tractor I was able to reach some of the fat bunches to harvest._MG_3137

When I reached all that I could I stared longingly at all of the remaining clusters of purple fruit taunting me from high in the tree. Without a very tall ladder of which I did not possess the remainder of grapes was food for the birds.

This past weekend I went out to that same tree and tackled that grapevine, yanking and pulling. Lucky for me I actually managed to get the vines all down and out of the tree. Hooray for me!

Spreading the vines out on the ground to observe what I have to work with I was surprised to see that there was not as much there as I thought there would be.  The vines are quite long and the majority of the growth of course is at the ends.

I left the grapes vines where they were and went to find  a post to put in the ground so that I could build a fence trellis of sorts in order to tie them up in an orderly fashion.

I have not completed the fence, or getting them strung along it due to circumstances with my son. It is still on this weeks agenda. As for pruning them back, I may or may not tackle that this year. Seeing how little there is to work with I just might wait and see what this year brings.

After giving it some thought I have also decided that out of all these vines on the property I am going to start some new plants in order to take them with me when the time comes that we have to move on.

I look forward to some sort of harvest this year. I can’t wait to have homemade grape juice.


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