A Solution To Tomorrow

Finally a solution has arrived. It all fell into place this weekend with the idea of the composting toliet. Doing further research we decided the bucket toliet is the way to go.

A solution to the ongoing dilemma which the final outcome will be the same either way, homeless. Having been in that situation more times than I’d like to ponder I know what it entails and how hard it is.

With that thought in the back of our minds for the past year. It has made trying to establish anything here hard. Mentally and emotionally for my husband and I. It’s difficult to put your heart and soul into something that will be taken down the road. So lately I have really been struggling to find a way to deal with a hopeless no win situation.

Finally I stumbled upon a solution that was viable and made so much sense that I am a bit put out that it was not an option before now. It is a good plan not only for now but down the road as well.

It took some talking and finagling with my husband to get him to see my objective. When I pointed out to him, “How many times have we made places livable in order to care for our family just to have someone toss us out because it was in their best interest and for them reap the rewards of our efforts? How many times have we been left out in the cold with no where to go but with family or friends? How many times have we had to figure out how we were going to start over again?” Let me tell you, way to many times has this been the case! When I pointed this out, my husband caught on and once he did, it was like a light at the end of the tunnel.  A giant weight had just been lifted off my chest. Thank God the situation finally has a solution.

The plan is to turn what was going to be our forever home into a tiny house temporary situation. Which simply means, closing in what we have finished, doing the barest of necessities to make it livable. That is to say with a couple hundred dollars at most, and a few minor jobs we will be able to move in. Doing the happy dance in my head.

Once we are moved in we are going to focus on getting a school bus and converting it to our new tiny home. Putting the time and money into that instead of our original plans. That way we will not be homeless again, regardless of who does what. This is a win win situation for us.  We can use it for traveling to job sites the guys work on, vacationing when we have a new home base on our new homestead, and for now our new home on wheels.

So how did the compost toilet bring this all about? Well since before last winter the hold up of any further progress on our home we were building has been the septic system. It has been a thorn in my side, the wall I beat my head against, the stupid thing that I cuss out for keeping me from being able to regain my sanity back.

Not only has it been the expense of putting in the septic, even doing it ourselves, it has been costly, but the manual labor that it entails is borderline ludicrous. We have dug a septic before that was in sand, this is in heavy clay. Having had to work with it all over the place here I know the daunting task that it represents to do by hand. Therefore my husband has resisted until we can find a machine to borrow or rent. I have been waiting patiently and impatiently since last august. My patience has finally come to a screeching halt.

I don’t care what is used, port a potty, outhouse, chamber pot. I have had enough of being held up from going forward by something as natural as bodily functions. When we were discussing the bus and various ideas, of course the potty came up again. I honestly can feel my blood pressure rising again over it as I type.

I started looking at alternative solutions as I said before, looking at composting toilets, the more I read and reviewed the more I learned and I suddenly said the heck with it. Going for broke here might as well go with the bucket system and that was final. All done, no negotiating that is all there is to it, end of discussion.  I told my husband well if we’re using it in the bus might as well use it in the house. So now we may move forward.

Having come to the momentous decision of using a bucket toilet was truly like the light at the end of the tunnel. There are so many things that we as a couple wanted to do here. One of our goals was going back off grid. There is quite a bit that goes into that simple sentence, those off grid I am sure understand. Those who are not, lets just say it is a totally different way of life.

Once again we can embark upon our journey for a more self sufficient lifestyle. Being in the main house with everyone has made that pretty much impossible when everything is divided 50/50 and the lifestyles are completely polar opposites.

That is not to say this will not be challenging and at times downright difficult to achieve. However I am more up to the challenge of living than that of slowly smothering as I have been, waiting for someone else to make the decision of our future.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my family to pieces. It took a while to struggle through the anger and bitterness of seeing our dreams burn in front of our eyes. As we realized that the kids were never going to embrace even the simplest forms of self sufficiency much less some of the things we were wanting to do.  Its ok though, they too went out on a limb and out of their comfort zone to at least try doing this as well. It’s just not a lifestyle choice they are interested in. The dream was much more romantic to them in thought than in reality and that too is ok.  Now we all can work towards a tomorrow with a brighter outlook.


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