Homestead Diary #5

Well today the fence did not get finished. Instead I spent the day in the hospital with my oldest boy. He’s a logger with my husband and brother in law. I praise God over and over for nothing worse happening. He had a tree roll and kick back. In the process it snapped his leg in two. He goes in for surgery in the morning for a rod from knee to ankle and possibly plates in screws in the other bone.

Knowing how dangerous this occupation is, I do thank God that nothing worse happened. Several years ago my husband received pins and screws in his hand and a concussion because a top snapped out of the tree he was cutting and he couldn’t get away from it.

Logging is horrifyingly dangerous, the old saying of its not if you get hurt, it’s when you get hurt and how bad is so true.

In the last couple months alone on some of the Facebook pages my husband follows  there have been multiple deaths from logging accidents. My heart goes out to all those people’s folks.




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