Repurposing Around the Homestead

Repurposing is often a matter of necessity for me. For instance last year I fought a losing battle with the goats in the garden. Not for lack of trying, my fence wasn’t tall enough. This year things will be different.

My son in law brought home a bunch of privacy panels last year. I so wanted a picket fence around my garden.  Using some of the panels we cut them in half and I put up my repurposed picket fence.

Needless to say epic fail for keeping animals out. Not to mention the winds are so strong here that the pressure bent the light duty t-stakes that I had used to hold them up.

Realizing that this situation was not going to work for me. I had to tear them all out and figure out something else to do for this year.

After removing the half panels out.  I found new homes for them throughout the property where they would serve some purpose. There are some in the barn to make kid pens, others are part of a kiddie corral to keep the grandbabies safe and occupied while I am working over by the garden.

Having to come up with a better plan that would keep the garden safe I wandered around looking at what we have available. I still had some full panels left so I put my thinking cap on and this is what i came up with for this year.

I made wooden post from some of the small cants we had. Digging holes, I set them, then turned to the privacy panels.

I didn’t want the garden hidden, so I decided to tear each board off the fence. I then took the boards and nailed them horizontally from post to post, leaving a nice gap, small enough to keep things out but wide enough that I could look in.


I went 6 boards high to keep the goats from being able jump in. I believe its somewhere around five and a half feet or slightly taller.

While it is not completely finished yet. Hoping it will be though by the end of the day.  I did step back to take a look and realized this actually looks pretty good for what it is. The only real concern I have is whether the boards will be strong enough.

A few of the goats did rub up on it and nothing horrible happened so I am hoping that I solved this monumental problem.

I enjoy using other people’s castoffs to repurpose for my own needs. It helps me and helps keep materials from going to the landfills.

Another wonderful repurpose project is the one my daughter and son in law just finished. Once again he was out and about and reclaimed someone’s deck. Now I really have to say this was a kick but upcycle!

They desperately needed a dog pen for their new German Shepard. My daughter said “Mom come look at my idea” so I did, she had boards laid all out on the ground from the deck and said “What do you think of our new dog pen?” Her plan was a killer idea, just awesome! It took the entire day, but by the time supper was done so where they.


It’s so much better looking than the generic fence kennel They were going to purchase. Not only that, it provided room for both of their dogs to be comfortable, didn’t cost them anything and it looks amazing.

The planter boxes had been attched to the deck. The kids lined the patio with those and are going to create raised garden beds with them. I cannot wait to see it in full bloom.

These are just a couple projects so far, but their are many more to come I am sure.


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