Homestead Diary #4

So this week has been pretty interesting, or hectic at least. The four baby squirrels require every 2 hour feedings. I can’t wait till their eyes open. There are 3 gray and one black so I’m super curios to see what they look like when they get bigger.

Both Bonita and Dandy our little doelings are doing just fine, so darn cute. Their mama’s are a bit sketchy, Bonnie, Bonita’s mom is a trip, she butted me in the head, and tried biting my husband for touching the baby. Mocha, Dandy’s mom looks at you and about turns inside out. Milking is going to be interesting to say the least.

Today it rained again, so I spent the day baking. I made squash soup scones which were a total experiment and I was pretty happy with the results. Then I made biscuits and cornbread. Look for upcoming recipes in my recipes.

On a frugal note I found bacon for .99 cents a pound!!! What a score! So excited for that. Bacon is like a favorite here for all of us. With prices near $5.00 a pound it’s a luxery. Can’t wait to have pigs.


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