My New Hopeful Project This Spring

Hi, everyone! Aside from all the daily things that go on round here, chores, chauffeuring, keeping an eye on the little ones when needed, trying to get healed up as well as spring barn work and seasonal farm chores so an and so forth. I up and decided that I really need to figure out how to make some money. With the spring rainy season it has been hard on my husbands logging business. So trying to figure out a way I can help out. Not to mention I am desperate for us to get our own place up and running out back. While I don’t mind tiny living per se in itself. Tiny living when your in a 2300 sq foot house, and your portion is less than 300 for all you own is a bit of a pain in the hindend.  Anyhow back to what I was saying.

I’ve always been a bit crafty, I generally get seriously aggravated trying to mass produce things so most of works end up being one or a few of a kind. Then I give most of it away as gifts or just because, some does end up here with me but not very much. Not the most intelligent thing I know but hey whatever.  So anyhow I have fiddled around a bit with some of my software and a few ideas in my head and came up with while not overly unique, perhaps a means to an end. Tourist merchandise in forms of post cmecosta postcard1ards and t- shirts.  I am working on creating some postcards and t-shirt designs using mostly my photography.  I live in a fairly rural area, ok I’m half hour away from the closest Tractor Supply or any other big box store.  However there are a great many places that tourist do visit in our area. So I thought to myself, “Hey why not?”  I have been scouring looking for good places to have my works printed. Does anyone out there have any suggestions?

So my husband once again home because of the rain saw what I was working on and said “OH, Hunny……. Do you think you can make something up for us?” Meaning the logging crew that consists of him, my brother in law and my oldest son. Well of course I can. So I was up straining my eyes digging through a gazillion pictures trying to find something that would work. This is what I came up with. It toboon logging logo2ok hours but finally I had him his creation, so he happily took pictures of it and sent it to the guys, then asked, “Do you think you could make some business cards up too?” Sigh “Yes baby of course I can.” So I did. Somewhere along the lines of 11:30 I finished and asked if he needed anything else. Nope that looks great he said. Yeahhh! So I scurried off to bed. To be honest I cannot wait to see these on the backs of some t- shirts. Good advertising anyway.

After taking that little detour I realized oh my goodness, I need to design at least 10 more cards minimum before I can approach anyone with my idea.  The concept is to shoot local to the place I am selling to if possible, unless I get fortunate enough they like what I have on hand.  Have any of you ever tried anything like this before? If so what was the outcome for you, if you don’t mind me asking. I know my biggest fear is ordering. So many seem to work on the consignment principle which really bites from my end.


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