The End of Winter Canning

I have found that the end of winter and early spring is a good time to get some quick meals in the pantry for those sweltering hot days when you absolutely do not want to cook or the days when life is just so hectic there is no time to cook a decent meal.  Another bonus is it is also a smart way to go through the pantry and take stock of what’s there and what is needed.  Some of the various things I have found to come in handy in the months ahead are baked beans in a jar, Zuppa Toscana is a favorite soup for me to put up, decadence in a flash kind of meal. It is really very easy to do as well. Chili, BBQ beef or pork in a jar or try even chicken. Boiled dinner and other soups are just a few things to get the juices flowing.

I have found in my experience that freezing chili is pretty darn easy and fast too, it also taste just as good as when it was made if not better. Soups that you can preserve are great to have on hand in the first place and if your running low what better time to make some more. If there are any winter squash left in storage this is another good way to use them up before they go bad, as well as to make room for the new ones coming at harvest. Squash soup is pretty lovely with some rustic bread and sausage cooked in it.

I love to can, putting up food gives me personal sense of accomplishment of having helped to provide for my family. I am a stay at home wife and mother and nonna now as some of us reside on the same farm. It provides one with some sense of contributing, when often times I wonder why the heck I’m not holding down a full time job like the rest of the world. If I have the means to I can, literally. While I do have failures which really do tick me off, I have had a great many accomplishments as well and what a pretty sight they are. The really wonderful this is you can preserve at any time of the year. For me this is just the start of another cycle.

If you have not done any canning this year is a great year to give it a go and see what can happen.


4 thoughts on “The End of Winter Canning

    1. I would really love to have my herb garden again. It’s in the plans little by little if the goats will leave them alone


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