Mexican Grilled Cheese

I was taught this recipe from my aunt. Not the healthiest food out there but it sure does taste good. My daughter asks me “Please mom make that stuff, you know with the tortilla and refried beans”  I always have to have her clarify which one as I make a few different meals with corn tortillas.


Corn tortillas soft/fresh

Refried beans

Queso Blanco cheese

Garlic powder

Cilantro – Optional

Vegetable oil for frying

This is a pretty simple recipe to make. Put enough oil in frying pan, about 1/4 inch deep, heat this as you are preparing the rest.  I generally heat my refried beans with a dash of garlic powder in the microwave for a couple of minutes. Slice thin slices of cheese and lay out tortillas in a pile. Have a paper towel coated plate or a rack to let the finished tortillas drain. Slather on a thin layer of refried beans across the tortilla, then lay on several cheese slices and sprinkle with cilantro if you like. Fold in half and place in hot oil. cook on each side until browned and then remove to plate or rack.

You can sprinkle red peppers flakes across the top if you like heat, or place them in the beans. I have a house divided on heat so we spice ours up individually. You can also use a splash of tabasco or Franks red hot. Also you could dip into salsa.  I sometimes  will pry open and put in lettuce as well. A variation of this that I sometimes do



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