Blogging Just a Little Something to Say

What a lovely and wonderful day it is today. The sun is out for a change and the puppy is chasing her tail again. Being new to blogging and all of its little intricacies, and not making a single dime when I most certainly need, I had to pause for just a moment to savor a realization and just be in the moment, know what I mean?

People blog for a lot of reasons, for myself its a matter of expressing myself, sharing my knowledge and hoping one day to be able to consider it a means of income as I am sure many do.

So before the moment passes me by as most moments do, fleetingly darting down to give that special feeling then off again it goes.  I wanted to share something about blogging that it can be more than just writing and scurrying like a rat for a crumb.

By blogging we are able to meet other like minded people, people we’ve never heard of, maybe from places far away that we will never see. Maybe meeting people so different from us that its like crazy and still we have something in common we write. While we may write about so many different things there is something that urges us to bang away at the keyboard. For a person such as myself it was such a joyous moment to realize this, being a semi reclusive hermit as my kids call me. To be able to converse even momentarily with another individual to feel a sense of belonging.

For us hermits what a great way to come out of our shell, to join the world of the living to belong somewhere. Yeah it was such a great feeling I just had to share it with you. All perks aside commenting on someone’s post and responding to those who comment on yours can be just plain nice and really make somebodies day, in this crotchety dog eat dog world and it makes you feel good too.


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