Steak Salad

A good steak salad is by far one of my favorite year round meals. It is especially delightful in warm weather when the grills are in constant demand.  In a pan or on the grill this is one of the yummy yummy meals you just crave. A steak salad is great for those who are trying to limit their red meat intake as I was which is how I came up with the idea in the first place. (I apologize for no image, I polished the salad off before I realized I needed to take a picture of it….sighhh)

As with a lot of my recipes I don’t deal with measurements. For a meal like this it is based more on the consumer’s personal preference than a recipe. There are a couple things to follow, but other than that create as you choose. Below is how I do it family style for 5 adults

Steak – I cook a 2 sirloin tips, chuck, denver whatever cut you have on hand will work in a pinch. I prefer sirloin tips. For a personal salad for myself I use a quarter of it. For more people use 1, 2 or even 3 steaks. I also cook mine pink, cook yours anyway you want.

Lettuce – 2-3 heads Iceberg works great, also try some romaine if you choose.

Cucumber – 1-2 depending on size

Tomato – 1-2

Onion – 1 medium red or yellow

Any other salad vegetables you prefer. This is how I make mine carrots, radishes, and peppers would be good as well.

Olive oil

Salt and pepper

Garlic- fresh, minced, salt or powder whatever you typically use is fine.

Steak seasonings of your choice

Cook your steak either on the grill or in frying pan. If using a pan, season meat then sear steak in olive oil cooking to desired doneness. You can either cut the meat prior to cooking or after (if making a personal on the grill or in a pan I cook a whole steak for myself, if making for multiple people I cut it up prior. If using a grill season steak and grill as you would any other steak. When done put on plate and drizzle with olive oil. I do this to warm the oil and to pick up the flavors of the meat and seasonings.

In the meantime wash your vegetables and assemble your salad. When meat is done either add steak from frying pan drizzle drippings over salad, don’t overdo it, you want the salad dressed not drowned. Do the same for the grilled steak, which you have sliced into thin bite size slices.

Toss salad and serve let each salt and pepper as they choose. This is how I eat it and prefer it this way. Others in the family use salad dressing mainly ranch. This meal if feeding multiple people would go good with things like cottage cheese, potato salad, soup, French or rustic bread. Or let it stand alone and shine.



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