Steak and Cucumber Pita

This is one of my eldest daughter’s favorite meals. I have to admit it tastes scrumptious.The only cooking required is the steak meat.

Steak – Enough for however many people you are feeding. For my family 3 good sized chuck steaks is plenty if nothing else is being served.

1 large onion– minced

3 cucumbers – chopped, reserve 1’2 of one and puree or smash if you can.

Lettuce– 1 head should be about enough

Tomato- optional

Pita pocket bread

Ranch dressing

Salt, pepper and garlic to taste. I use minced garlic a lot, just personal preference.

Season steak and cook in pan or on grill to your preferred doneness. I like mine pink. When done cut into bite size chunks.

Pour ranch dressing into bowl. About half to ¾ bottle again depending on how many you are feeding. Add pureed cucumber and stir until combined.

Fill pita with steak and onions drizzle with dressing, top with lettuce and cucumber and if desired tomato, drizzle again with dressing and enjoy.

This truly is super yummy.



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