Simple Fried Rice


4 generations strong, I consider this in my category of poor woman’s cooking, or bottom of the barrel meals. I really don’t care. It tastes good is fast, simple and filling. I was raised on it, as were my kids and now my grandkids.

Rice – 2 coffee mugs full. I learned a long time ago using measuring cups is a pain in the but for cooking bagged rice in my house.  It’s easier to remember 1 part rice two parts water regardless of how much you make.  Not to mention 2 coffee mugs of standard size is just enough usually.

You can use either instant or bagged. I grew up on instant and as an adult learned to cook rice. Now as a family we prefer bagged rice.

Water – twice as much as rice if bagged, if using instant follow the directions on the box

Ground Chuck- 1 lb Do yourself a favor and use a good beef here, hamburger usually shrinks down to much for us.

Onion – 1 large onion, usually use yellow, but whatever you have is good enough

2 eggs scrambled

Soy sauce

Salt and pepper to taste

Garlic- to taste   whatever is on the shelf fresh, minced powder or salt is fine

Put rice on to cook, fry burger with onion and seasonings in separate pan, and scramble eggs separately. When meat is almost done splash in a bit of soy sauce. When everything has cooked fork it all together and serve.

You can add steamed broccoli to this and fried mushrooms together or separately. Another option is to make some brown gravy and mix it in with the meat. This is a pretty versatile meal to set down rather quickly.


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