Freezer Meal: Gourmet Freezer Sandwich

Freezer meals, alright we’ve seen them over and over. Pinterest is riddled with them but have any of you tried them? It seems to me that there are times when I feel like I am a century old when I sit down to  think of what to write. News flash folks Freezer meals have been around forever! Therefore there must be some reasonable reason they exist in the modern day homestead, farm, home, whatever you want  to call where you reside. I personally do it because to be frank I generally like my own cooking and don’t always feel like doing it. I can’t say everything I make is healthy in fact a lot of it probably isn’t, but it does taste good.

One of my more favorite freezer meals are sandwiches. Now I’m not talking about your average sandwich here, they are more along the lines of a gourmet sub. They are hearty and filling and taste so yummy. I’m one of those bottom of the barrel cooks so be prepared as you follow along. There is no recipe here, its more of a how to create your own recipe.

Freezer Sandwiches things needed well, the only thing I can put in stone here is some kind of bread. I use a French bread recipe then I throw in whatever I feel like. Some sun dried tomatoes, basil and minced garlic. Pesto and garlic. Parmesan cheese and black pepper. The options here are pretty fun, whatever you want to try. My one little thing is that I personally try to use olive oil in the bread recipe, but that is just me. Do what you want its your creation. My one bit of advice make lots of bread! When I go to make my freezer sandwiches my recipe says that it will make 2 loaves, 2 loaves makes 4 sandwiches so I make at least 4 batches of bread. That will give me 16 sandwiches. Now these bad bears when they come out of the oven are somewhere along the lines of like 5-6 inches wide and nearly a foot long for each sandwich. If your using store bought, well you can always make a compound butter with all kinds of good stuff and layer it on, or just proceed with filling with your own creation of combinations. I make up whatever is handy so I could have 5 different sandwiches when all is said and done. This is an excellent way to use some of those left overs you had no idea what to do with.

Here is where things can get really interesting. Rummage the fridge, what’s in there for leftovers? Maybe I should of said do that first so you know what to throw in your bread. ok well now you know so onward we go. See what meats and cheeses are in there, look at your gravies and sauces too. For example: I found some leftover ham from a picnic ham, there was some sharp gouda and Colby.  Cut your meat into bite size or slices, fill your sandwich with it then layer on the cheese. Walla done. I wrapped in plastic wrap, then I would put several sandwiches together and wrap them with tinfoil. Now to cook, easily enough to pull out of freezer and pop off plastic and toss in oven or microwave. Top with your favorite condiments and veggies. Meatballs with mozzarella and spaghetti sauce nestled between French bread filled with black olives, garlic and parmesan. Ham and cheese in French bread that has broccoli and cheddar baked in, topped with fresh lettuce and spicy mustard. The possibilities are endless the key is to let your imagination free. I really love the contrast of an ingredient filled bread dough and the meat filled insides. They’re just so good one never makes it to the freezer.

Something else that is very good too and froze well for me was use a basic pizza dough crust, roll out into rectangles however big you’d like. I went about a foot long and 6-8 inches across. Top entire thing with left over mash potatoes. Then on one side fill with gravy and beef, fold over in half press sides and bake according to directions. Cheese is good in it too.

Freezer sandwiches are great when your in a pinch. You don’t have to heat them all either, simply thaw depending on what you’ve used. for instance say you made an herb and cheese bread and filled it with deli sliced chicken and ham topped with pepperjack. Great pack it for a picnic or road trip. Make sure to bring along your condiments and toppings if you so choose. Whatever you do enjoy yourself in the creation of your Gourmet freezer sandwich.


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