Catch Those Magic Moments In Life

I’m one of those individuals that enjoys capturing the moment. It’s amazing when you can look back through several years of pictures and can say, Oh yeah, I remember that day!

Sadly I don’t have a lot of subjects, mostly family, but what goofballs they can be. So I spend time trying to capture them just being themselves.

Sisterly Love

I had a moment of nostalgia as I first started writing this piece, going back through my gazillion pictures. It really inspired me to want to get back out there with my camera. (I’ve been through a rather rough couple years where I haven’t even wanted to look at my camera much less touch it. Now I regret that I let depression take such control over my life.) To me taking candid photos is like recording history, it really is and it’s sooo fun! I also forgot how therapeutic it could be. Lately I have been grabbing my camera whenever I can and dashing outside to see what I can see that has been hidden from me, because I wasn’t looking.


As with all things there is an art to candid photography and I’m still learning. I was told in school you must follow the rules in order to get good shots. Then as I delved more into learning I was told there are rules and rules are sometimes meant to be broken. Go figure!  There is a certain truth to that though, that I have found. I love looking at other photographers shots and reading the stories in the images they produce. I aspire to reach such greatness. In this day and age of technology where everyone can take pictures, capture moments, record history and so on, I find it hard to compete in such a expansive arena so I have taken the stance that I will do what pleases me, this is my art, this is me, like it or leave it.  Funnily enough there are plenty who do both. IMG_3130

It’s interesting my mother and I, we both enjoy photography and our styles could not be further apart. While she prefers poses and will fuss and bother for that one shot, I’m snapping constantly. I just know in those frames will be the expression I was seeking, I saw it. Then there are times when I just happen to see something out of the corner of my eye and say “I must have that” and click goes my camera, just one shot. Sometimes I find that if I just sit quietly somewhere a bit off I can get the really real shots, know what I mean? I’ve even snuck through the woods to get the boys simply being boys.

Push dude push!

Those darn teens are the most difficult beings to shoot if you ask me. Why should that be a surprise?  Ugh!! If you have teens I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about.  My girls are just as bad and they’re the oldest and youngest of the bunch.

These images here of the kids are the lock box images that they will have to remember the good ole days in life. I had a moment the other afternoon when my son came over as I was working through my images and he saw the picture above along with the rest of the collection of that day. He just stood there staring at the screen and said “Wow, Those were the days!” he paused and said “Back when we where innocent.” I felt like a million bucks at the moment.  To me I had finally found success and justification.


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