Spring Has Sprung

Spring has officially arrived here in Michigan. With the coming of the Robins you know warmer weather is soon to follow. I cannot complain today was a day in which to  celebrate, we reached the mid 40’s.  I know for many of us we’ve already been pouring over seed catalogs, and some have even fired up their greenhouses in preparation for the coming months. I lucked out a month or so ago and picked up one of those little green houses for starting my seedlings for $20.00. I was so excited!  I have already planted a few varieties of seeds with plans of raising some crops in a cold frame this year. Yum yum to early broccoli, cabbages and lettuce, I also have my Brussels sprouts going in anticipation of an earlier harvest.

One of the ducks mud bathing


It is an extremely busy time of year here on the farm. We are looking forward to kidding with the goats.When the does kid it will be time for fresh milk and goat cheese. It also means more labor required having to milk the girls. I also need to set up an area to hold baby chicks and to fire up the incubator. I plan on hatching ducklings this year as well, something I’ve never done before.  Whatever chick housing I build must absolutely be predator proof. I wonder if 1/4 inch plate steel would keep the critters out, ha ha but seriously, we’ve lost so many chickens, quail and ducks to predators it just isn’t even funny.

Mucking out the barn starts this week also, while I’ve been able to keep up with the chicken coop between illness and injuries all winter I have not been able to get the barn dealt with. I’ve seriously considered hiring some local teens to tackle the monumental task, however it will more than likely end up just being myself and my pitchfork. Cash is low and I doubt I have anything teens would like in barter.

Its also the time to look through the canning and freezer goods and  see what we’ll need planted to see us through the winter. Last year I did up deer carrots which is the only way I will put carrots up.  At 3-4$ a bag they are so much cheaper and while these are not the perfect store bought carrots they’re just as fresh and delicious, just maybe a bit ugly. Once they are chopped canned or froze you could never tell that they were the ugly ducklings. I often do the same with apples too. So if your looking to cut costs this is a sure way to  go.

All in all I’m am looking forward to warmer days, dreading the hot and cannot wait to get out of the house and merge with mother nature again as well as getting out of here with my camera and spending some quality time with my lens.

Cheerio and Happy Spring  to ya’ll


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