Photoshop tutorial #1 Lighten an image simply

I wanted to show a quick and easy way to lighten an image in Photoshop. I am using Photoshop CS5. After trying various methods of lightening images, some good some bad some that sent me from my computer screaming. I stumbled upon this after losing my patience for the day. It is really quite simple. Most of it involves just adding multiple layers.  For the images shown I used 4 layers including the base layer.  I always leave the locked layer alone, just duplicate it then click the eye off and forget about it.  With the new layer I leave it set on normal, then I went into image and selected brightness. I turned this up to +3.

Add duplicate layer, then select from the drop down above layers to SOFT LIGHT set opacity at 61%. Then duplicate another layer from the first layer that you made, this time choose DIVIDE and set opacity at 33%. For the fourth and final duplicate layer select OVERLAY set the opacity at 34% and the fill at 94%.

Walla simple as that! For your own images you may have to fiddle around with the opacity to see what works best for you. All in all I thought that this did a pretty fine job of making the image much better than it was. I am no Photoshop guru, nor do I pretend to be, but I enjoy learning new things, and this is something new I learned today and wished to pass along to you.



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