A Refreshing Wrap

a simple wrap1One of my favorite lunches is a Wrap. This one I bring you is simple and quick with minimal ingredients and pretty healthy.

1 flour tortilla

salad mix – Fresh Express works well, feel free to experiment

olive oil – extra virgin, any will do really just depending on what you prefer

salt and pepper

McCormics garlic and onion – optional if you can find it anymore.

You can make this one of two ways. Either use the tortilla cold, or if you have a gas stove toss it directly on the burner, letting it char slightly. I like it that way best myself

place lettuce mix in tortilla, drizzle with olive oil and season to taste with salt and pepper and whatever other seasoning you might like. Wrap as if making a burrito and enjoy

To be honest I find this satisfying and it curbs my hunger. I also feel a lot better knowing that I am getting my fresh veggies

This is one of those versatile meals. You can add cheese, more vegetables, meat, and whatever else you might like. Me I love it just like this.





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